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Mytee Products Lasso Ratchet Strap Flat Hook Wheel Net Tie Down

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2″x8′, 2″x10′, 2″x14″ bundles of wheel net straps for hauling tractors and automobiles.


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Product Details

  • (4 Pack) 2″x10′ Side Mount Wheel Strap, Working Load Limit # 3335 lbs, Maximum Breaking Strength: 12,000lbs
  • DURABLE POLYESTER WEBBING: Our straps are made of durable polyester webbing. Polyester webbing barely stretches at all under heavy loads, it resists taking damage from scrapes or cuts, and water slides right off it–so mildew can’t grow and ruin it.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT RATCHET AND O-RINGS: Our ratcheting mechanism and O-ring connection point are plated with gold chromate, so the heavy-duty steel won’t rust or take damage from other metals.
  • HEAVY-DUTY FLAT HOOK END FITTING: Flat hooks are compatible with any flat anchor points, including stake pockets on the side of a trailer bed. They can also be compatible with an L-Track anchor system if you incorporate a flat-hook receiver. Our flat hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and sustain a high working load limit.
  • LONG RATCHETING HANDLE: The long ratcheting handle gives you more leverage than shorter handles, so it’s easier to reach the degree of tension you want. More tension with less force? You got it.


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