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The Finns are no strangers to snow. It’s no wonder they’ve made an excellent ATV snowblower. It’s standard length is 120cm (about 4′) but you can add wings to increase the width to 140 (about 4.5′) or 155cm (about 5′). If you do add the wings, it is strongly recommended you upgrade the engine to the 420cc Briggs & Stratton (this upgrade is called the Pro version). Which ever setup you buy, you can count on the Rammy clearing a path of wet or dry, shallow or deep snow, sleet, or whatever combination Mother Nature decided to throw your way the night before.


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Purchase this item and get 3189-3986 Points worth $63.78-$79.72 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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RAMMY SNOW BLOWER 120/140/155 Standard and Pro DETAILS

The Rammy ATV Snowblower 120 allows you to easily clear snow on any surface, from pavement to gravel, or even grass areas. As a single stage snowblower, the Rammy snowblower is compact and allows your ATV to remain agile, even while blowing snow.

The Rammy Snowblower 120 is well equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Professional series 306cc gas engine and electric controls for chute rotation and deflector angle.  Optional B&S Pro 420cc engine upgrade available.

Due to its streamlined design, the Rammy can be installed or uninstalled in about 2 minutes (after the initial setup and mounting).


The Rammy snowblower includes a control box that will mount to your ATV. However, the control box is only wired to the Rammy–no connections to your ATV are necessary. The control box houses the switches to control chute rotation and deflector angle, as well as an engine kill switch.

This snowblower comes with 120 volt electric start standard, as well as recoil pull start. Watch our video on how to start the Rammy HERE.

Engine/Clearing Options

The standard 120 snowblower sits at 47″ clearing width. Two wings sets are available to upgrade the snow clearing capacity—the 140 wing set increases the clearing width from 47 inches, to 55 inches. The 155 wing set upgrades its clearing width to 61 inches.

NOTE AS OF 7/25/2023: We have chosen to only carry the upgraded Pro 420cc engine this year.  The following information is still worth reading so you can understand the differences between the base engine and upgraded Pro engine.  As previously mentioned, the Rammy ATV Snowblower 120 is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Professional series 306 cc gas engine. However, it can be upgraded to a Briggs & Stratton Professional series 420 cc gas engine—this is the PRO version which is an additional cost. We strongly recommend the 420 cc engine for both the 140 and 155. In fact, we do not recommend using the 306 cc engine with the 155 wing set because it will struggle to keep up.


The Rammy snowblower mounts with your existing center mount snowplow brackets. However, your ATV needs a winch to raise and lower the snowblower between mowing and transport positions. We also recommend using about 100 lb of ballast weight on the rear rack of your ATV. This will help offset the added weight of the Rammy.

Additionally, you can tighten your front springs (if adjustable) and adjust your front tire pressures to help alleviate the extra weight on the suspension. If your ATV has a soft front suspension, it would benefit from having heavy duty springs or spring inserts installed.

One thing to note is that the weight is only on the suspension in transport position. When blowing snow, the weight of the Rammy is on the ground via its adjustable skid shoes.

If you’d like to learn more about these mounting systems, please watch this video by clicking here.

Mounting Requirements

To mount a Rammy Attachment to your ATV or UTV, you must have a winch and a plow mount. We recommend KFI mounts.  For most machines, we’ll include a two pipe mount that will connect to the KFI plow mount.  There are select models of ATV’s and UTV’s with a mounting tube near the front of the machine.  In these cases, we have a single pipe mount that will mate to this setup.


The 2 pipe subframe is primarily used on ATV’s, but in the case that a cutting machine is also used on an a UTV, the 2 pipe subframe must be used on the snowblower as well.

The 1 pipe subframe is shorter, and therefore helpful for front mount use with a snowblower on a UTV. The 1 pipe subframe CAN also be used on a center mount on an ATV (center mount meaning under your feet on an ATV basically). There is an extension that comes with the 1 pipe subframe to make it as long as the 2 pipe subframe, but it is not as stable as a 2 pipe subframe when it is in its fully extended position.  These fit 16-20mm diameter posts, but can be ground away a bit to fit wider posts as well.

There are also optional pulleys (after-market) to assist the winch in lifting power and to offer more control of raising / lowering.

In a nutshell, you can use the 1 pipe subframe on an ATV or UTV, but primarily it was designed for use on the front of a UTV, allowing the snowblower to sit close to the front of the UTV.


Additional information


306cc Engine, 420cc Engine


47", 47.25", 55", 61"


1 Pipe Subframe w Lock Set, 2 Pipe Subframe

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