Tractor Powered Horizontal/Vertical Log-Splitter Wallenstein



Split firewood powered by your tractor’s hydraulics!

  • 20 Ton Split Capacity
  • 24″ Split Opening
  • Cat I 3-Point Hitch Compatible
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Connects to your 3-Point Horizontally
  • Can Pivot into a Vertical Split Position
  • Optional Hydraulic Pump Pack

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Purchase this item and get 30160-41760 Points worth $301.60-$417.60 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Wallenstein Tractor-Powered Horizontal/Vertical Log-Splitters

The WX370 is a Cat I 3-Point Hitch log splitting solution powered by your tractor’s hydraulics, from Canadian manufacturer, Wallenstein. This splitters sits horizontally on your 3-Point and you can split in that direction, or you can pivot it vertically once you’re in place to split vertically. A vertical orientation eliminates the need to lift logs to the bed.

The WX370 has a 20 Ton split capacity with a 24″ split opening and requires 10 gpm hydraulic flow.

This log splitter is quick hitch compatible.

A 2-Way Wide Wedge is included that pops the log in a short distance. A 4-Way Wedge is an option.

To return the cylinder, just pull back on the lever and it will return to its starting position automatically, and then pop into neutral.

An optional stroke limiter is available to stop the cylinder from fully retracting, reducing your cycle time by almost 50% (for use on shorter logs).

If your tractor lacks the hydraulic flow necessary to power the splitter, an optional PTO Pump Kit is available to gain up to 11 gpm of hydraulic flow.

Optional clamp on shelves are available to catch your split logs.

All in all this is a well thought out, compact, log splitter.


Wallenstein WX370 Log Splitter Details

  • 20 Ton Split Capacity
  • Hydraulic Powered
  • Cat I 3-Point Hitch Compatible
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 24″ Split Opening
  • 6.62s Cycle Time (dependent on hydraulic flow)
  • 290 lb
  • 86″ x 30″ x 30″ (LxWxH)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation


How to Choose the Right Log Splitter:

There are 4 main choices to consider:

1) TYPE: Do you require an engine-powered model or would you prefer to power it off your tractor or skidsteer?

2) POWER: Most wood can be split by a 20-ton splitter. However, hardwoods with gnarled, twisted grains, such as those that often grow up along a fence line may require a splitter with a higher splitting force.

3) ORIENTATION: Vertical 3-point hitch models, inverted skidsteer models and horizontal-vertical woodsplitters are very helpful when the wood being split is too large or heavy to lift onto a log bed. The Log Lifter fitted to some of the WX900 series models is also helpful in this regard.

4) SPLIT LENGTH: Do you require 24”, 36” or 48” lengths of split wood? If you are interested in a trailer model, consider how much wood you intend to spilt, is it for commercial or rental use, does towed equipment require lights and licensing where you live. If available in your chosen model, a “T”, or Tall version of the splitter can raise the working height to a more comfortable level. The horizontal / vertical splitters can also help in this regard.

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