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Black 41lb Suitcase Weight
Black 41lb Suitcase Weight
suitcase weight
suitcase weight
Tractor Suitcase Weights



Suitcase Weights for John Deere Tractors

What most tractor owners don’t know until it’s too late is that in order to operate your Front End Loader safely at full capacity, you need counterweight on the rear. How much counterweight is model specific and can be found in your owner’s manual. Along with increasing safety, ballast weight or counterweight can increase your traction in mud, snow, and ice.

Good Works Tractors offers suitcase weights to hang on a weight bracket on your 3-Pt Hitch, slot into a front-mount bracket, or even to weigh down ground-engaging attachments like a Core Plugger.

John Deere suitcase weights are available in 41 lb or 70 lb

One of the best ways to use suitcase weights for tractors is with a weight bracket, though some ballast boxes can allow suitcase weights to hang off the top edge. Click here to shop weight brackets and suitcase weight bundles!

Important Shipping Disclosure

These suitcase weights are not shipped via UPS Ground. They only ship for listed prices as an add-on item with other products shipped by Freight Only purchase these if you are buying something marked as shipping by Freight. We’ll add these to the pallet for no extra shipping cost.

You may be interested in this solution: bundle with a weight bracket!

Shipping Exception: Part of GWT’s Exceptional Customer Service

Please understand that shipping individually is not cost-effective. Due to the weight, we also do not think it is beneficial to pay such a high cost for UPS Ground Shipping. Nevertheless, we understand how difficult it can be to find vendors that carry 41 pound and 70 pound suitcase weights and Good Works Tractors can still coordinate to provide you exceptional service.

Shoot me an email and I can quote you the total cost with shipping.

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John Deere Suitcase Weight – Product Overview

Safety is critical, and many tractor operators aren’t familiar with the concept of counterweight. But if you run a front-end loader you should know that your tractor’s weight alone will not be enough to operate safely. Instead, you need to add weight to the rear of your tractor and one effect and compact way to accomplish this is to hang suitcase weights off of a weight bracket on your 3-Pt hitch.

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Shipping Weight

41 lbs, 70 lbs


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