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VersaBracket Weight Black Bundle
VersaBracket Weight Black Bundle
Versabracket with 8 Suitcase Weights
Versabracket with 8 Suitcase Weights
Versabracket Bundle Top
Versabracket Front
Versabracket Chainsaw Holder
Versabracket Chainsaw Holder
Versabracket Chain Hooks
Versabracket 3-Pt Pin
Versabracket 2" Receiver
Versabracket Back

GWT VersaBracket Bundle w/ 8 Suitcase Weights


Add counterweight to your tractor’s 3-Point Hitch by using suitcase weights on our very own weight bracket. But it’s far more than just a weight bracket, equipped with lots of extras to maximize usefulness. Read on below for more details.

Big savings in this bundle which includes 8 suitcase weights (you pick the size) as well as the VersaBracket!

*We have transitioned to black suitcase weights


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This Made in USA Cat 1, 3-Point Hitch bracket is made to hold up to 8 suitcase weights, either 41lbs each or 70 lbs each. What sets this bracket apart is the chainsaw carrier slot for up to a 20″ bar, as well as a 2″ receiver, two chain hooks, and quick hitch compatibility, making it something to leave on your tractor whenever you aren’t running an attachment.

This bundle includes 8 black suitcase weights in the size of your choosing, as well as the VersaBracket itself.

Versabracket Bundle highlights

  • Compatible with 3 point hitch receiver Category 1 systems
  • 2″ Receiver
  • 2 Chain Hooks
  • Chainsaw carrier slot for up to 20″ Bar
  • Quick Hitch Compatible**
  • Includes eight 41lb or 70lb suitcase weights
    • Eight 41lbs weights totals about 378lbs including the bracket
    • Eight 70lb weights totals about 610lbs including the bracket
  • Made in the USA


Top link pin sold separately.

*Consult your owner’s manual to see recommended ballast weight when operating a loader. Along with increased safety, you will gain an increase in traction which can be especially helpful in snow, ice, and mud.

**Matches most 3 point quick hitch systems built to the ASE Standard S278.5

Additional information

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Shipping Weight

41 lbs, 70 lbs


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