GWT Mini Stump Bucket: Poor Man’s Backhoe

  • Manufacturer: Good Works Tractors
  • Model: Stump Wrecker, Lock n' Load
  • Type: Stump Bucket
  • Price: $630.00


Available in John Deere Quick Attach (JDQA), Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA), or Pallet Fork Frame Adapter (Lock n’ Load).  Pricing is the same for all styles.

Features include:

  • Made In The USA using American steel and manpower!
  • Weight: JDQA 107 lbs, SSQA 91 lbs, Lock n Load 91 lbs
  • Dual action serrated edges along bucket edges, meant to mimic a Sawzall or reciprocating saw blade.
  • Replaceable digging edge, meant to be the sacrificial point of the design, similar to a shear bolt on a rotary cutter
  • Integrated chain slot for strapping or pulling logs
  • Intentionally sized for use on smaller tractors — shorter front to back, tapered end for greater leverage
  • Rated for up to 32HP tractors
  • No additional connections required!
  • Lock n’ Load system will allow for future attachments to connect to the pallet fork frame. (see below for explanation)

Lock n’ Load system attaches to a Class 2 pallet fork frame in the same way that your pallet fork tines attach to the frame.  The Lock n’ Load bracket measures 16.5″ ID.  Measure this against your existing pallet fork tines in the same location and/or your pallet fork frame.  Reference the pictures in the listing for a visual explanation.  One bracket is welded to the back of the stump bucket, the other bracket is loose.  This is a change from earlier designs that had two loose brackets.

Handy to use for the following applications:
  • Stump removal
  • Landscape shrub/small tree removal
  • Hole prep for tree/shrub planting
  • Buried boulder removal
  • Digging shallow trenches
  • Scarifying/scratching earth to loosen compacted soil
  • Backfilling

The JDQA and SSQA (GWT Stump Wrecker) versions will attach and detatch from your front end loader in the exact same fashion as your bucket.  The GWT Lock n Load system attaches to Class 2 pallet fork frames.  Simply remove your pallet fork tines and install the bucket in the same manner.

It’s called different things, stump bucket, front hoe bucket, and a poor man’s backhoe. While it certainly can’t dig as deep as a traditional backhoe, it can tackle a lot of digging projects for a fraction of the cost. As the saying goes, “it sure beats a shovel”.  This is a shovel on steroids, a shovel for your tractor. If you need to remove small stumps, saplings, old landscaping, dig holes for new landscaping, dig shallow trenches, or carry boulders, then this could be just what you’re looking for!

I developed and designed this stump bucket, not because there weren’t other options on the market, but because I didn’t like any of those options available. Most were too large rendering them useless for subcompact and small compact tractors. Others were proprietary in design forcing you to buy their system, and none of them had a combination of all the features I thought should be on the product.

Product Warranty Information: The 1 year manufacturer’s warranty covers craftsmanship issues related to the stump bucket itself such as broken welds, torn steel, or improper fit.  This product is designed to be used in a harsh environment and therefore normal wear and tear is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  If used improperly, excessive damage may occur.  Normal wear and tear includes items such as worn teeth, bent teeth, bent edges.  No other damage, including front end loader damage, is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  Lock n’ Load systems warranty coverage does not extend to pallet fork frames.  Center your bucket evenly on pallet fork frame to apply an equal load onto the frame and the loader.

Always take every precaution to place an equal, balanced load on your front end loader.  The longer your cylinders are extended into the roll position, the higher the likelihood of cylinder damage.  Always reference your tractor and loader manual to follow proper safety practices including adequate ballast weight!  Use common sense!

This product is subject to continuous improvement and design changes may be implemented at any time.  Therefore, the pictures may reflect an outdated version.  Email with any questions.

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