3-Point Dethatcher Rake (60″) by CMP Attachments



The 3-Pt Dethatcher from CMP Attachments is perfect for collecting thatch, grass seed soil prep, raking pine straw, grooming arenas, and even raking leaves! It’s a lightweight attachment with flexible, replaceable tines that are safe on your finished turf. In essence, it is a light-duty landscape rake.



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3-POINT 60’’ DETHATCHER – Overview

The 3-point mount for the dethatcher allows a tight and secure mount that turns tight with your tractor. The rugged 3-point tractor dethatcher is an ideal tool for dethatching grass, raking leaves and sticks, pastures, food plots, and countless other uses.

One of the most versatile attachments for your tractor!

At 60” this dethatcher is a little wider than the footprint of most subcompact and compact tractors, but it’s so light that isn’t a problem. You’ll cover even more ground quicker without worrying about not fitting in hard-to-navigate spaces, or maintaining ground contact over uneven territory. We use this attachment on our tractor all the time and you can see us demonstrate completely clearing our trails of leaves in just two passes, dethatching our lawn, breaking apart aerated soil plugs, removing pine straw to down to the bare dirt, lightly grading our gravel drive, and more in the videos below.

Be sure to check out the Heavy Duty Dethatcher if you want to collect more material as you dethatch.

Why Use a 3-Point Dethatcher?

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots, and other natural debris that grows between the top layer of the grass. It acts like a barrier for the lawn to get enough nutrition, moisture, air, and light from entering the roots. If you are planning to plant seeds, dethatching helps remove the layer of dead leaves and debris to properly provide nutrition to the growing plants. Without dethatching, seeds often root into the thatch and not the soil leading to insufficient nutrition and early deaths.

Features of the 3-point Dethatcher:

  • Unit also works with the John Deere iMatch quick Hitch and Cat 1 Quick Hitches.
  • Available  60″ width for a Cat 0 and Cat 1 three point hitch.
  • Heavy Duty steel construction with tough powder-coat finish ensures long lasting durability.
  • Replaceable spring steel tines.
  • Ideal for grading, leveling, spreading, raking, and of course, dethatching.
  • Even makes for super smooth ball diamonds and parking lots.

Please Note: The CMP 3 Point Dethatcher is designed for use with standard compact utility tractors with the 3pt arms in the lowest position,  a minimum of 11″ from the ground.  Aftermarket or oversized tires may affect this height, please verify your lowest lift arm height before placing an order. Dethatchers do not include top link pin or safety pins to retain attachments on the tractor.

Upgrade your 3-point attachment performance, improve operator efficiency, and get better results on your projects with a hydraulic top and tilt kit. These hydraulic cylinders replace your manual top and side link on the 3-point hitch and allow you to make adjustments on the fly to your 3-point attachment.  Save 5% with code GWT at Summit Hydraulics.  Do-it-yourself hydraulics solutions that will completely change the way you use your tractor.

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