Flail Mower for Sale for 3-Point Del Morino Offset Funny Top



Advantages of a flail mower over a brush hog

  • Reaches beyond width of tractor to mow under fence rows, banks, ditches
  • Can be used for finish and rough cut mowing
  • More compact footprint for tight spaces, storage, and trailering
  • Finer shredding of material, better finished results

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Purchase this item and get 1649-1949 Points worth $32.98-$38.98 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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  • Manual 8″ Offset (see Funny Super Flail Mower for Hydraulic offset)
  • Adjustable Rear Roller
  • Two Belt Transmission w/Tensioner
  • Available widths: 32″, 42″, 52″, 62″
  • Y Blades: Good for tall grasses & weeds, cleaner finish
  • Hammer Blades: Good for dense undergrowth & small saplings
  • Horsepower Requirements: 12 to 35 hp at the PTO
  • Cat 1 3-Point Hitch, not quick hitch compatible
  • 540 RPM Rear PTO
  • Cutting Diameter: 1.5″ Max
  • Cutting Height: 1-4″

Del Morino Funny Top 32″

  • 32″ Cut Width
  • 40″ Overall Width
  • 313 lb
  • Uses 24 Y-Blades or 12 Hammer Blades

Del Morino Funny Top 42″

  • 42″ Cut Width
  • 48″ Overall Width
  • 344 lb
  • Uses 32 Y-Blades or 16 Hammer Blades

Del Morino Funny Top 54″

  • 52″ Cut Width
  • 62″ Overall Width
  • 375 lb
  • Uses 40 Y-Blades or 20 Hammer Blades

Del Morino Funny Top 62″

  • 62″ Cut Width
  • 72″ Overall Width
  • 432 lb
  • Uses 48 Y-Blades or 24 Hammer Blades

Don’t buy an inferior flail mower, buy Del Morino. When compared to a brush hog, a flail mower gets you a more compact setup, far less uncut material, more finely shredded material, and with an offset flail mower you gain the ability to reach beyond the width of your tractor to mow along fences, tree lines, and water banks. Instead of using a revolving blade, a flail mower uses a spinning drum with individual blades across its length.

Italy is the hotbed for 3-Point flail mower manufacturing, and Del Morino makes some of the finest attachments we’ve used yet. The Funny Top line gets you that advantage of the manual offset, without the going up to the more expensive hydraulically controlled offset flail mowers.

Upgrade your 3-point attachment performance, improve operator efficiency, and get better results on your projects with a hydraulic top and tilt kit. These hydraulic cylinders replace your manual top and side link on the 3-point hitch and allow you to make adjustments on the fly to your 3-point attachment.  Save 5% with code GWT at Summit Hydraulics.  Do-it-yourself hydraulics solutions that will completely change the way you use your tractor.

Del Morino Flail Mower Series Comparison Chart

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Shipping Weight N/A

32", 42", 52", 62"

Knife Style

Hammer Blades, Y Blades

Warranty Factory Warranty
Mid PTO Factory Warranty
Mounting Method 3 Point Hitch Mount

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