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Tractor Rear-View Mirror Attachment (Bolt-On)


An inexpensive way to increase your safety and comfort as an operator. One mirror for the price listed.  No extended bracket included.  Add one to each loader arm using a mirror arm from Mudd’s Customs.

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Rear-View Mirror Attachment – Product Details

For reasons that are unclear to us, tractors tend to ship without any rearview mirrors. But we all know that what’s behind us is important to know, and being able to check at a glance is way better than having to crane your neck to see behind you. Whether you get one or two, mirrors will help you operate more safely.

Tractor Rear-View Mirror Attachment – Features

  • A simple bolt-on tractor rearview mirror for your sub-compact or compact tractor.
  • Outside dims approximately 6.75×12.5”
  • Convex design reveals wider area behind you
  • An inexpensive way to increase your safety and comfort as an operator
  • Position the mirrors closer to eye-level using a mirror bracket from Mudd’s Customs. Save 5% on your order from Mudd’s with discount code GWT!
  • Drive safer and stop straining your neck to see behind you with these mirrors!

Pricing is for each mirror!

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