So, you’re looking for a popular gift to give the tractor lover in your life?  Whether you love tractors or not, I think it’s pretty easy to tell that most tractor stuff is big and heavy!  It can be really hard to find a tractor presents that fits under a tree, in a stocking, in a gift bag, or box.  So, I did my best to “harvest” a collection of tractor toys that would put a smile on their face and actually fit through the front door of your house!  Without further ado, I present The Tractor Lover’s Gift Guide.


Hitch Hangers: These handy add-ons make your tractor safer to operate.  We have a version to mount on a Speeco category 1 quick hitch or John Deere iMatch quick hitch.  You can hang six suitcase weights on them to keep the back end of your tractor from raising up off the ground.  You do need a Speeco cat 1 quick hitch or John Deere iMatch to use them.  This ships UPS Ground in a cardboard box and weighs around 30 lbs.

Speeco Quick Hitch: Incredibly popular for subcompact and compact tractor owners.  These make attaching and dethatching from attachments a breeze.  This specific quick hitch doesn’t need adapter bushings which get very costly.  The #1 most popular item we sell every year.  This ships UPS Ground and weighs 70 lbs.

VersaBracket: Another tractor safety option.  This bracket fits on the back of a category 1 tractor and has many functions.  It serves as as weight rack for safety, it has a 2″ receiver trailer mover, 2 chain hooks for pulling, a built in shelf for a toolbox and chainsaw holder!  This ships UPS Ground in a cardboard box weighing around 50 lbs.

Dethatcher Rake: A very versatile piece of equipment that can rake leaves, sticks, and pine needles, smooth a driveway, dethatch your lawn, and scarify for overseeding.  This ships UPS Ground and weighs about 50 lbs.

Tractor Canopy: RhinoHide canopies are the best solution on the market.  They are virtually indestructible and lightweight which makes them easy to remove for transportation and storage.  These ship FedEx Ground and weigh around 35 lbs.

Plastic Edges: Made from a special material, this edge is excellent for those plowing snow with a bucket, snow plow, snow pusher, snowblower, or rear blade.  They cut like steel, but protect like rubber.  Ships UPS Ground and normally weighs under 20 lbs.



The rest of these items come from vendors that we’ve partnered with to save you money.  We affectionately refer to it as our Discount Club.  Completely free, no signing up, it’s simply a group of companies that offer you a discount to buy directly from them using code “GWT”.  You will save at least 5%, sometimes more with this code.  So, click on the links below to go right to their site and place your order.

Grill Guards: One of the coolest looking accessories to dress up your tractor plus they serve a real purpose by protecting the front grill of your tractor.  A stick going through your front grill can cause thousands in damage and make your tractor inoperable.  Ships in a cardboard box, typically 10-30 lbs.

Bucket Brackets: An excellent option to make your loader bucket more useful!  These bolt on brackets easily attach and include hooks, d rings, a receiver hitch tube, and more!  Plus, they reinforce the bucket to strengthen where it’s needed most.  Ships in a cardboard box, typically 10-30 lbs.

Magnetic Mirrors: Constantly turning your neck and back to see what’s behind you is a rain pain!  These magnetic mirrors will “stick” to most tractor loader arms and be similar to a side view mirror on a car.  Ships in a cardboard box around 10 lbs.

Easy Wheel: Very cool 3 point top link add on.  The poor man’s hydraulic top link.  It allows you to much more easily adjust your top link length to hook up to attachments or to set the proper angle when using attachments.  Ships in a small package around 10 lbs.

Grease Gun: This is a standard item that everyone needs.  What makes Lube Shuttle different is that it’s easy to use, it doesn’t leak grease on the floor, you can recycle used cartridges, and it’s very easy to prime.  Everyone that buys a Lube Shuttle agrees it was well worth the money.  This will ship in a cardboard box and normally under 20 lbs.

John Deere Bar Stool: Every shop, man cave, or garage can use a cool place to sit.  This John Deere cushioned stool is easy to assemble and is sure to class up the room no matter where you put it.  Maybe even the kitchen counter?  Ships in a cardboard box and weighs around 15 lbs.

Hose Wrap: There’s hydraulic hoses on every single tractor out there and many attachments too.  Outback Wrap makes an easy to install hose protector.  They come in many colors as well so you can identify what hose goes where to allow for quicker connection.  Ship in a cardboard box and weighs less than 10 lbs.

Floor Mat: Many cab tractors have floor mats that don’t easily remove.  Tractor Mat is the WeatherTech of the tractor world making custom fit mats for many cab tractors on the market.  Ships in a cardboard box and weighs less than 30 lbs.

PTO Quick Attach: One of the biggest pain points for any tractor owner is hooking up the PTO shaft.  In fact, we’ll delay projects just because we don’t want to mess around with it.  Often times the shafts are gummed up or covered in a debris and they’re tucked in the most awkward spot on the tractor.  The PTO Link solved this problem by offering a solution that moves the connection point out into an easier to reach location and requires aligning a few oversized slots instead of 7 tight fitting splines.  These ship in a small package and normally weigh under 20 lbs.

Grab Handles & Tie Downs: If you’re looking for John Deere accessories, then these guys have a ton of them.  Tie down points, steps, grab handles, and more are available that all bolt on to your John Deere tractor.  These ship in cardboard boxes and normally weigh under 20 lbs.


WE OFFER GIFT CARDS TOO!good works tractors gift card

Gift Card: If all else fails and you’re not sure what to do, then a gift card is a great option to let them pick out what they want! These gift cards are good for anything we sell at


There you have it folks, a fantastic list of tractor gift ideas for the tractor lover in your life.  Gifts that are great for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Retirement, or just because!  I hope you found what you were looking for and thanks for stopping by!