Do you own a Yanmar compact tractor? Many Yanmar tractor models including the SA221, SA324, and SA424 have a proprietary Yanmar quick attach on the YL110 and YL210 front-end loaders.  Finding loader attachments to fit this Yanmar quick-attach system can be challenging. However, we now offer a variety of front-end loader attachments to fit the Yanmar SA Tractors with Yanmar quick attach.

The first attachment for Yanmar tractors is a good set of pallet forks. Our lightweight pallet forks are the perfect match for small compact tractors while still having plenty of strength to safely lift whatever you need. These forks are a high-quality, Made in Canada product, that has long been offered for JDQA and SSQA.  Their design has been proven out for years and we have never had a single warranty claim.  You can buy Yanmar pallet forks by clicking here.

The Mini Stump Bucket is one of our most popular attachments. This is essentially a shovel for the front of your tractor to dig out stumps, trench, dig holes to plant trees or bushes, carry boulders, and much more. The Mini Wrecker is specifically designed for subcompact and small compact tractors.  It is available with the Yanmar quick-attach and can be found by clicking here.

Stump Bucket Mounted on a Yanmar SA Tractor
GWT Mini Stump Bucket fits the Yanmar SA221, SA223, SA324, SA325, SA424, SA425 tractors

Everyone wants a grapple for their tractor! We now offer grapples available to fit Yanmar SA Tractors! Whether you’re looking for a root grapple, grapple rake, or rock grapple, you’ve got options! These grapples are Made in America, lightweight, and reinforced where needed. Stick with 48-60″ grapples to best fit your Yanmar compact tractor.  Shop for Yanmar quick-attach grapples by clicking here.

One extra feature you need for a grapple is a 3rd function kit. If your Yanmar tractor doesn’t already have a 3rd function, then you can get a kit to install yourself in just 2-3 hours. Save a trip to the dealer as well as the inconvenience of trailering it in.  Plus, there’s no added downtime without your tractor. Save an extra 5% with code GWT and buy a 3rd function kit for your Yanmar tractor at Summit Hydraulics.

For those of you that live in the northern part of the country, you’ve gotta deal with snow for a portion of the year. Our HLA snow pushers have been our most popular snow removal item for years. The Yanmar SA tractors perfectly match the HLA 1500 54 and 60″ snow pushers. Snow pushers are simple. No moving parts, no extra connections, and no chutes to clog. HLA’s snow pushers are thoughtfully designed with a curved back to roll snow forward, no corning bracing to trap snow, and are available with the Yanmar quick attach. Pick the options you want and get an HLA snow pusher delivered to your house by visiting this link.

This sums up our most requested attachments for Yanmar tractors. If you have the SSQA on your front-end loader, then you have many more options available. If you’re looking for an attachment for your 3-point hitch, then we can help you out with a wide array of tractor attachments. We may be able to provide other attachments with a Yanmar quick attach, so if interested, please send us an email and we’ll see if we can be of further help.