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Dirt Dog took one of the most popular tractor attachments and decided good wasn’t good enough. They added a pivoting A-frame to allow more range of motion as you mow and hook up your attachment; a domed top deck designed to significantly reduce standing water and rust; and bolt-on skids so once they wear out, you’re don’t need to find a welder but just grab your impact driver and replace them. 

Available with a slip clutch option for those times when your blade encounters a hidden object a little too big to cut through.

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Purchase this item and get 2279-3039 Points worth $45.58-$60.78 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.
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Developed and built in Commerce, Georgia, this trend-setting line of standard duty rotary cutters is available in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot models. The RC line from Dirt Dog is designed with tip speeds suitable to provide a clean cut and nice finish in light to heavy grass conditions while also being durable enough to mow through light brush up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Dirt Dog’s RC Series rotary cutters have raised the bar!

*Note photos show green and orange, but all future orders come in grey. For a color other than grey email me, and prepare for a six-month lead time.


  • Round Blade Pan
  • Front Rubber Closure, Rear Steel Closure
  • 60 hp gear box
  • Smooth, Domed Deck for Water Runoff to Reduce Rusting Potential
  • No Pinch, A-Frame Pivot
  • Replaceable Bolt-on Skids
  • 10 Gauge Deck & Sides
  • Models for 18 to 60 hp
  • Shear bolt: 1/2”-13 x3” 
  • Available in Gray
  • Custom Colors available with a 6 month lead time (Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow)

what sets the dirt dog rotary cutter apart?

  • A-frame pivot mechanism: The innovative pivot mechanism located at the base of the yoke straps provides an industry-leading 23° of motion to assist in mowing over rolling terrain… and, just as important, it eliminates traditional pinch points associated with hitching/unhitching experienced on many other rotary cutters.
  • Domed deck design: A 3/4 inch vertical offset in the top deck plate along the center of the cutter may be difficult to discern with the naked eye, but proof is in the pudding… water runs off to the front and the rear thereby keeping the deck dry and rust free.
  • Smooth top deck: The top deck plate is extended over the side bands thereby making a nice secure ledge for welding the two pieces together AND it creates a super smooth top deck that is easy to clean when the cutting is done.
  • Replaceable bolt-on skids: Replaceable bolt-on skids are a “next level” feature on this standard duty cutter class when compared to the competition… they provide quick and easy replacement when out AND the skids provide added strength and rigidity to the cutter’s sidebands.
  • Cat 1 Standard and Quick Hitch: The RC Series is developed to fit both standard and quick hitch Cat 1 mounting arrangements.
  • Three-year gearbox warranty: The RC series come equipped with a 3-year limited gearbox warranty (see op manual for complete details).
  • Front/rear enclosures: The RC series units come equipped with front belting and rear metal band enclosures as standard equipment.
  • Single beam tailwheel design: A single beam “stinger” tailwheel minimizes the risk associated with backing up or swinging into an object when mowing.
  • Segmented rear tire with replaceable bushings: The tried-and-true segmented rear tire with replaceable bushings for extended life means your cutter rolls through the toughest stuff and keeps on keeping on.
  • Slip Clutch: Often times rotary cutters are cutting in unkempt and unknown areas, or areas with low visibility. For those times when your blades encounter an immovable or uncuttable object, you can rely on the optional slip clutch to protect your PTO.

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