If you’ve ever spent much time trying to connect a brush hog or rototiller, then I’m guessing it’s a job that you weren’t looking forward to starting.  That’s probably why one of the more popular attachments I sell with my tractors is a quick attach system for the three point hitch.  The most well-known version of this device is the John Deere iMatch.  However, there are many other manufacturer’s including Land Pride, Speeco, and Tar River to name a few.  All of these accomplish the same end result, although you must be careful to select a version that is compatible with your brand of attachments.  Check out our John Deere iMatch for sale right here!

The John Deere iMatch system is compatible with John Deere and Frontier three point implements.  There’s a wide array of attachments available including ballast boxes, box blades, rototillers, rotary cutters, and more.  Having a quick attach system works best if all of your implements are of the same manufacturer.  There are modifications that can be done and homemade tweaks to be made which will allow other brands of implements to be compatible though.  One thing that is required for more quick hitches is a set of bushings for each implement you wish to use.  These generally run in the $15-30 price range so that is something to keep in mind.  One of the cooler hitches I’ve seen is made by Speeco as they have a version that works with the existing pins on your implements and doesn’t require an extra set of bushings.

The reason many quick hitch systems aren’t cross compatible is due to the spacing of the 3 point pins on the implements vs the spacing on the quick hitch system.  John Deere has made their own proprietary spacing while there is a more universal spacing with most aftermarket manufacturers.  That being said, some equipment simply isn’t quick hitch compatible at all or at least not without modification.

Generally, quick hitches will range in cost from $100 for one you can find at Harbor Freight up to about $350 or so for a brand new John Deere iMatch.  If you have many implements or even the need to connect and disconnect one implement frequently such as a ballast box, then a quick hitch can turn a time-consuming burden into a quick job.  I learn best with a visual display so I’ve taken a video highlighting a iMatch system and how it operates.  Hope you enjoy!