3-Point 90 Gallon PTO Sprayer Ag Spray



3-Point PTO Sprayer At A Glance

  • 90 Gallon Capacity
  • Cat I 3-Point Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Coverage from 8 ft up to 30 ft
  • Spray Gun w 25 ft of Hose For Spot Control
  • Fully Drainable Tank
  • 6-Roller PTO Pump w/ Quick Coupler

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Purchase this item and get 3799-3879 Points worth $37.99-$38.79 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Ag Spray 3-Pt Sprayer Overview

Sprayers are an essential part of life at home, on a farm, or on your hunting lease to manage weeds and promote crop growth. AgSpray has upgraded their already well thought-out PTO tank sprayer, in 60 or 90 gallon capacity. With up to 30 ft of broadcast coverage, or an 8 or 11.5  ft spring-arm boom for finer control, you can get spray for weeds, kill grass, or fertilize from your operator’s seat. For spot control, a 22″ spray gun with 25′ of hose is included.

The new heavy duty MC60 is Cat-I 3-Point Hitch compatible while carrying the fluid load closer to the tractor (compared to the prior 55 Gal version) allowing more capacity and greater stability. The 6-roller PTO pump has a combination quick coupler to easily connect to the tractor PTO shaft.

90 Gal Sprayer FEATURES:

  • 90 Gal Corrosion Resistant Polyethylene Tank, Fully Drainable
  • Cast Iron 6 Roller Pump w/ Up To 9 gpm with Quick PTO coupler
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Cat I 3-Point Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 149 lb dry weight, 900 lb full weight (water)
  • 3 Options of Coverage from 8 ft to 30 ft
  • 22″ Spray Gun Equipped with 25 ft of Hose

Cast Iron Roller Pump

If using Round Up, flush pump with water after use.

Coverage Options

There are two methods of delivery—boom and boomless. Booms extend near the full length of coverage and spray in a more concentrated manner with more nozzles, and with individual nozzle control. Boomless options broadcast spray evenly from nozzles located behind the tank.

  • 5 Nozzle Boom, 8 ft coverage, 1 Section
  • 7 Nozzle Boom, 11.5 ft coverage, 1 Section
  • 3 Nozzle Boomless, 30 ft coverage

22″ PRO Hand Gun Sprayer

Spot or fence line spraying can be done from the tractor seat or walking behind with the PRO 22″ Spray Gun equipped with 25 ft of hose.

The Pro Series Long Range Handgun is resistant to most chemicals and primarily used for spot spraying pesticides. Adjustable spray pattern tip can spray up to 38 feet horizontally and 27 feet vertically. This sprayer handgun is 22 inches long with an aluminum frame and barrel. This model has a maximum operating pressure of 600 PSI and flows up to 8 gallons per minute. This handgun is compatible with most 12 Volt Sprayers.

  • 1/2″ FNPT inlet
  • 22″ aluminum barrel and nozzle are corrosion resistant providing years of dependable use
  • Adjustable spray pattern from fan to cone gives you the coverage you want
  • Integrated trigger lock relieves stress and provides constant pressure and spray
  • Precision trigger is fully adjustable and delivers concise spray pattern

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    8 ft 5 Nozzle Boom, 11.5 ft 7 Nozzle Boom, 30 ft "Boomless" Nozzle


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