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Dirt Dog Landscape Rake


Dirt Dog manufactures heavy duty landscape rakes for you to clean up debris, limbs and rocks for your landscaping project.

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The CLR series of rakes packs heavy duty features into a small package that’s perfect for compact tractors. Don’t let its small size fool you, this rake has the heavy duty features you need, and can count on to get the job done. This model is not quick hitch compatible.


  • 5 forward angles and 3 reverse angles
  • 2 hole, 5/16″ × 1″ heat treated, high carbon spring steel tines
  • 3″ × 4″ × 1/4″ rake frame available in 4 and 5 ft
  • This model is NOT quick hitch compatible
  • Available in green or orange
CLR60 $950



Dirt Dog’s LLR landscape rake is the perfect tool to clean up debris, limbs and rocks with your 40 hp tractor. The LLR’s aframe is cat I and Cat I quick hitch compatible and is constructed from square tubing for strength and rigidity. The LLR’s king pin and index pin are both fully supported by two, DOM bushings in the backbone. Angling the LLR is easy, just pull the index pin and angle up to 30° in the forward position and up 15° in reverse. The LLR’s rake frame is reinforced to prevent flexing so you can tame the biggest debris. The high carbon spring steel rake tines are secured to the frame using two bolts to eliminate rotation. Optional gauge wheels are available to prevent over penetration of the tines, making it even easier to maintain clean, well groomed lots.


  • Category I quick hitch compatible A-frame
  • 5 forward angles and 3 reverse angles
  • 2 hole, 5/16″ × 1″ heat treated, high carbon spring steel tines
  • Available in green or orange
LLR72 $1,150



The MLR series of rakes have the heavy duty features needed to get the toughest jobs done in the least amount of time.


  • Heavy Duty Dategory I Quick Hitch Compatible A-Frame
  • 5 Manual Forward Angles, & 3 Reverse Angles
  • 2 Hole, 5/16″ × 1″ Heat Treated, High Carbon Spring Steel Tines
  • Available in green or orange
MLR84 $1,500

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CLR 60, LLR 72, MLR 84


Green, Orange

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