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If you need to replace a tine on your CMP Dethatcher, this is the listing for you. These industrial grade tines made in Chicago run all the way down to eliminate bending at the bottom while turning or backing up, so they stay engaged in the grass at all times.

Please note that replacement tines do not include replacement hardware. Existing hardware can be reused when replacing tines. The 60″ Dethatcher uses 24 tines in total.

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This listing is for replacement tines only. To shop the 60″ CMP Dethatcher, visit this listing.

3-POINT 60’’ DETHATCHER – Overview

The 3-point mount for the dethatcher allows a tight and secure mount that turns tight with your tractor. The rugged 3-point tractor dethatcher is an ideal tool for dethatching grass, raking leaves and sticks, pastures, food plots, and countless other uses.

Why Use a 3-Point Dethatcher?

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots, and other natural debris that grows between the top layer of the grass. It acts like a barrier for the lawn to get enough nutrition, moisture, air, and light from entering the roots. If you are planning to plant seeds, dethatching helps remove the layer of dead leaves and debris to properly provide nutrition to the growing plants. Without dethatching, seeds often root into the thatch and not the soil leading to insufficient nutrition and early deaths.

Features of the 3-point Dethatcher:

  • Unit also works with the John Deere iMatch quick Hitch.
  • For use with 25-30HP tractors.
  • Available  60″ width for a Cat 1 hitch.
  • Heavy Duty steel construction with tough powder-coat finish ensures long lasting durability.
  • Replaceable spring steel tines.
  • Ideal for grading, leveling, spreading, raking, and of course, dethatching.
  • Even makes for super smooth ball diamonds and parking lots.

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