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You’re buying wheel weights the expensive way.

If you are looking to purchase suitcase weights or wheel weights for your tractor, be advised that shipping weights by themselves is very expensive. If you want to buy weights cost effectively you need to add weights to a purchase that ships via freight (on a pallet). Then we can tuck the weights onto that pallet with no additional shipping charge. So save yourself money by adding an item to your cart that ship freight, and then visiting our other suitcase weight or wheel weight listing with cheaper prices here and here.

We’ve even made weight bundles that ship with our GWT VersaBracket (a weight bracket for your 3-Pt Hitch) to save you even more money. Or check out our Ultimate Weight Bundle for cost effective shipping, too.

Okay, you’re free to add to your cart now that we’ve told you the cheaper way to purchase 🙂


Don’t get caught without the proper counterweight, whether that’s front or rear. Wheel weights are a straightforward way to get that weight where you need it without interfering with any attachments. We sell wheel weights in four unique weights that fit different series of tractors, each listed below. Weights are sold as pairs, as you should always operate a tractor with balanced wheels.

  • 61 lb Tractor Wheel Weight
  • 70 lb Tractor Wheel Weight
  • 75 lb Tractor Wheel Weight
  • 105 lb Tractor Wheel Weight



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Purchase this item and get 598-1365 Points worth $11.96-$27.30 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.
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John Deere Tractor Wheel Weights Overview

Every tractor needs extra weight to operate the front-end loader safely. Wheel weights are a good strategy to gain extra counter-weight without interfering with rear attachments. In some instances, weights can be stacked together. All weights attach simply with bolt and nuts, so installation is relatively easy.

John Deere Wheel Weights – Weight Comparison

Weight below are listed for an individual weight, but weights are sold by the pair (one for each wheel). Read your manual to see the recommended ballast weight for loader use.

  • 70 lb Wheel Weight & Hardware: For John Deere 1 Series (1023e, 1025r, 1026r) and other 26x12x12 rear tires. Not stackable. ONLY BLACK AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, NO YELLOW!
  • 61 lb Wheel Weight & Hardware: For John Deere 2025r, 2032r, & 2038r
  • 75 lb Wheel Weight & Hardware: For John Deere 3r Series including 3033r, 3039r, 3046r and older 3120, 3320, 3520, and 3720 tractors.
  • 105 lb Wheel Weight & Hardware: For John Deere 4m and 4r Series including 4044m, 4044r, 4052m, 4052r, 4066m, and 4066r.  Older generations too.

Reference sizing chart in pictures for complete compatibility. Your specific wheel size may determine a different weight is needed.

Important Shipping Disclosure

This listing includes shipping for just weights. It is completely unreasonable to purchase weights from this listing unless you plan to pick up locally from Paw Paw, Michigan. If so, add them to your cart and select local pick up and you’ll see the normal price.  For anyone crazy enough to pay the shipped price in this listing, we’ll ship via UPS Ground or or LTL, whatever makes the most sense based on the quantity of weights you’re buying. I’d highly encourage you to check out our bundles that includes a weight bracket instead. It’s a much better value.

You may be interested in this solution: Ultimate Weight Bundle!


Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
Weights (By the Pair)

61 lb, 70 lb, 75 lb, 105 lb


1 Pair, 2 Pairs, 3 Pairs

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