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If you’re looking for the best snowblower for a compact tractor, this is it. We absolutely prefer a 3-Pt pull-type snowblower over a standard 3-Pt Hitch reverse facing blower. The forward-facing design allows you to operate the blower while driving forward, pulling the attachment instead of backing it into the snow. This means you no longer have twist and crane your neck to look over your shoulder when blowing snow or drive into a cloud of blown snow. If you have enormous snowfalls where you can’t drive the tractor ahead of the snowblower, this isn’t the blower for you. For the rest of us with only 18–24″ of snowfall max at a time, go with this pull-type.

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Purchase this item and get 3177-7443 Points worth $63.54-$148.86 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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MK Martin meteor Pull Type Snowblower Highlights

The MK Martin meteor snowblower is a serious snow-removing beast. We’ve used this the last few Michigan winters with complete satisfaction. Watch our YouTube videos below to learn more about it and see it in action!

  • Inverted design means the snowblower operates while driving forward. No more craning your neck while operating!
  • Optional hydraulic or manual backdrag means you can back right up to walls or buildings and remove every last bit of snow without getting out of your seat
  • Optional electric, or hydraulic chute rotation to change discharge orientation on the fly
  • Optional hydraulic deflector to get more control over your discharge
  • Optional UHMW (poly) cutting edges for main cutting edge and backdrag. Read more about UHMW here, but in short, we say it ‘cuts like steel, but protects like rubber.’
  • Optional UHMW skid runners
  • Quick Hitch compatible (check out the Speeco E-Hitch for direct pin fitment)
  • Cat 1 or Cat 2 Three-Point Hitch Compatible
  • High Tensile Steel Ribbon Flighting
  • Machine formed, hand-welded auger
  • 5 bladed fan

*Note the 54″ and 60″ models only have a manual back drag option

MK Martin 7 Year Warranty

MK Martin offers the a 7 Year warranty on their attachments, which is the best we know of for tractor attachments. This means they know how high quality the products the the build truly are.

MK Martin 7-Year Warranty

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54", 60", 68", 72", 78", 87", 97"

Cutting Edge

Integrated Steel (no add'l cost), UHMW (add'l cost)


None, Hydraulic Backdrag w/ Integrated Steel Edge, Hydraulic Backdrag w/ Replaceable UHMW Edge, Manual Backdrag w/ Integrated Steel Edge, Manual Backdrag w/ Replaceable UHMW Edge

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