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<span>Summit Hydraulics</span> Solenoid Hydraulic Multiplier
<span>Summit Hydraulics</span> Solenoid Hydraulic Multiplier
Summit Hydraulics Solenoid Multiplier
Summit Hydraulics Solenoid Multiplier
Summit Hydraulics Multiplier
Summit Hydraulics Multiplier
Summit Hydraulics Multiplier

Summit Hydraulics Solenoid Hydraulic Multiplier

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With a multiplier, you can operate an attachment that requires more hydraulic functions than your tractor currently has.

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If your tractor is limited to two or three hydraulic functions (or even four or five) but you find yourself needing more to operate an attachment, you may consider a hydraulic multiplier from Summit Hydraulics. It’s an affordable, DIY solution that takes one of your hydraulic functions and diverts it to new functions, one-at-a-time, under your control. How many new functions depends upon the system you buy. You could add one additional function, or five!

A hydraulic multiplier is a hydraulic diverter selector valve that allows you to easily add additional rear remotes to your tractor. Keep in mind that this isn’t a hydraulic control valve. This means the hydraulic multiplier does not control the fluid in and out of a cylinder (see our monoblocks), only what cylinders will receive the fluid from a control valve already installed.

The switch box control features 6 separate switches which allow you to select circuits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 separately or simultaneously. The anodized mounting bracket is fully protected against corrosion and offers quick and easy installation, the industrial-grade enclosure and switch are weatherproofed for durability. A 12ft wiring harness with weatherproof connectors is also included.

Commonly used to add:

  • Balers
  • Mowers
  • Snowblowers
  • Markers
  • Other hydraulic equipment

For an even more affordable solution, check out their manual diverters!

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