Hauling Sled for Mowers, Tractors, and ATV’s by Yard Glider

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Stores small, hauls big.

This flexible, roll-up sled easily connects to your riding mower, tractor, ATV, or UTV to haul anything that will fit! Move patio furniture, grass seed or bags of soil and mulch, firewood, leaves. Almost anything you’d put in a wheelbarrow or on a tarp will work with the Yard Glider! This modern day stone boat is one of those “why-didn’t-I-think-of-it inventions!”

The Yard Glider takes up less room than a wagon or wheeled cart, as you can store flat on the floor of your shed, or against a wall, or roll it up and store it on end in a corner.


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Yard Gliders and Game Gliders are built to last. The Yard Glider is made from highly durable polymers. They are flexible, but they are nothing like vinyl, canvas or a tarp. Yard & Game Gliders are intended to provide season after season of use; we’re talking no replacing it.

Load Easy – Ground level design saves your back, and allows loading without lifting.

Haul Easy – By hand or with equipment (mower, zero-turn, tractor, 4-wheeler, etc.)

Dump Easy – Loads slide right off.

Season After Season of Use – Outperforms carts and outlasts tarps.


  • Save Your Back & Load Without Lifting
  • Easy to Store – Park on it.
  • Save Trailer Space – Carts take trailer space. Yard Glider takes no space.
  • Highly Durable – Metal bends and dents. Tarps tear with a single use. Yard Glider PRO withstands repeated heavy use, and is UV resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant.
  • Slick – Slides over nearly anything in your yard, including: grass, sand, dirt, gravel, sticks, roots, pine cones, pavers, driveways, walkways, wet ground, dry ground, and more.
  • Reversible – Glide and haul on either side.
  • Light – So easy to handle, you can pull small loads by hand.
  • Pull With Nearly Anything – No trailer hitch? No problem. Yard Glider attaches to nearly any strong pull point, with your rope, chain, cable or tow straps.
  • Multi-Purpose Handles – Integrated handles don’t stick up, so you won’t trip over them. Handles double as anchor points for load straps.
  • Tough – Other than fire or heat from EXTREME friction with pressure, the Yard Guard is designed to take a serious beating.
  • Pull Cord(s) (optional) – Pull with your own rope, cable, chain or tow straps.
  • Flexible – Part of the Yard Glider strength comes from its ability to flex and absorb impact.
  • Built to Last – There are no tires to go flat or dry rot. There are no gears or bearings to wear out.
  • Large Load Capacity – Yard Gliders can hold multiple cart loads (12 cu. ft. cart) of leaves in one load. For mixed loads, like branches, there is almost no limit to how much a Yard Glider will hold.
  • Strap Compatible – If your load needs straps, we provided lots of anchor points.

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