Westendorf Brush Crusher 4215 FreeShipping
Westendorf Brush Crusher 4215 FreeShipping
Westendorf Brush Crusher 4215
Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders
Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders
Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders
Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders

WestendorfBrush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders



The Brush Crusher by Westendorf is the best option for those of you that don’t have additional hydraulics! Just take off your bucket, put the Brush Crusher on and you’re ready to go! Fits the JDQA and perfect for the 1025r and all John Deere subcompact and compact tractors.

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Westendorf Brush Crusher Grapple BC-4215 – Overview

Clearing trees, managing brush, and even cleaning up after a storm are all made easier with the new revolutionary BC-4215 grapple. What makes it revolutionary? That it is a completely mechanical grapple with no hydraulics required! The Westendorf Brush Crusher is a mid-sized model in the Brush Crusher line. It’s adjustable, so you can get exactly the right amount of tooth motion. It’s made to fit on the John Deere coupler on a variety of loaders.

Advantages Of The Westendorf Brush Crusher

  • There are no additional hydraulic requirements for opening and closing the grapple
  • Lighter than your bucket so you can expect to lift even more weight with the Brush Crusher 4215!
  • The serrated edged v-shaped teeth of the Westendorf grab onto the gnarliest of loads
  • The Brush Crusher is built with high-strength steel and designed to allow line-of-sight toward your load
  • The Brush Crusher can cradle loads and transport them without a need for full clamping pressure
  • Capable of handling loads gently and precisely so you can grab but not crush objects
  • Designed to attach to John Deere Quick Attach Front-End Loaders

Why Choose the Westendorf Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple?

At only 284 lb., the Westendorf BC-4215 provides more lift power, better visibility, improved stability, and obviously far better-grabbing capabilities when compared to a bucket. The added power of the lift comes from the Brush Crusher’s capacity to hold the load closer to the tractor.

Westendorf has been in the field of delivering you efficient, standard, and authentic tractor attachments for more than 80 years. Good Works Tractors supplies the Westendorf Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple taking pride to offer such a great solution that is Made in the USA..

*Add a SpeeCo quick hitch or pallet forks to the same skid for NO additional freight cost!*

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Shipping Weight 353 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 29 in
Warranty Factory Warranty
Mid PTO Factory Warranty

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