John Deere x700 vs 1025r: What’s The Difference?

“Isn’t the John Deere 1025r just a big garden tractor?” asked a customer recently.  Frankly, it’s a very common question and one that is understandable at first glance.  However, there’s many differences between a John Deere x700 Series garden tractor and a John Deere 1 Series machine like the 1025r…

John Deere 1025r vs 1026r Comparison

What’s the difference between a John Deere 1025r and 1026r?  Well, not much to tell the truth.  If it weren’t for the EPA changes back in 2012 timeframe, then we’d most likely still be looking at a 1026r and the 1025r wouldn’t exist. 

John Deere 3032e vs 3033r

Even though they are almost identical in horsepower, there is a huge difference between the John Deere 3032e and 3033r tractors.  This video provides a visual comparison of a John Deere 3032e vs a 3033r tractor.  From loader capacity to the seat options to the transmission, there’s a vast array of…

John Deere 2 Series vs 3 Series

Here’s a brief overview of a John Deere 2 Series vs 3 Series tractor.  Even within each series, there can be a lot of variation, however this will give you a good visual look at the size difference between the two frame sizes of tractors.  The main takeaways are going to be the differences…

How Does A John Deere Snow Plow Work?

Need to remove snow on a budget?  Take a look at the video below that explains how to use a John Deere 54″ plow blade.  Snow plows aren’t just one of the cheapest options out there, but they handle a larger spectrum of snowfalls than a snowblower, loader bucket, or snow pusher. 

Good Works Lawn + Power Now on YouTube!

Call it a New Year’s Resolution, but I’m bound and determined to utilize the platform (scratch that) artform of YouTube.  I thoroughly enjoy wasting hours of my time watching video after video and realized I may have something to add.

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