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The HLA Snow Pusher is the best snow removal attachment for most tractor owners in America. The open bottom makes it way more efficient at moving snow than a bucket, the backdrag allows you to pull snow right from edge of a garage or retaining wall, and it’s so much less expensive than a snowblower. The folks at HLA created the most robust, well-built and smartly-designed snow pusher we have found yet. No internal cross-bracing to trap snow, and a radiused back to keep snow rolling forward as you push.


  • Free Steel or Rubber Main Cutting Edge! (Worth $500)
  • Free Steel Skid Runners! (Worth $350)
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When you buy an HLA 3500 Snow Pusher from Good Works Tractors, get a 20% off of GWT Hitch Hangers or GWT VersaBracket. Both solutions are for hanging suitcase weights on the rear of your tractor helping you reach your recommended minimum counterweight (check owner’s manual), as well as to increase traction. You need a Speeco Cat I quick hitch or John Deere iMatch to mount Hitch Hangers. The VersaBracket will mount right to your 3-Pt Hitch or Cat I quick hitch. Read below for more details!

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If you aren’t sure if the HLA 3500 Snow Pusher is the best snow removal attachment for you, check out our videos below and to see it in action and learn all about it.

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Purchase this item and get 1799-3899 Points worth $35.98-$77.98 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Key advantages of the HLA 3500 Snow Pusher Design include:

  • Radius back which releases snow instead of letting it stick
  • Reinforced & tapered side panels eliminate cross braces that trap snow
  • Totally enclosed backdrag option so snow can’t escape. No other pusher has this feature (1500/1800 Series only)!
  • Bolt-on quick attach frame for more flexibility over time (JDQA, SSQA, and Yanmar Quick Attach available)
  • Reversible, replaceable, and adjustable scraping edges (steel or rubber standard, UHMW upgrade)
  • Replaceable, replaceable, and adjustable skid runners (steel standard, UHMW upgrade)


  1. Series: 1500, 1800, 2500, 3500
  2. Widths (in inches): 54, 60, 66, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144. Not all sizes available in all series
  3. Color: All pushers come in black. For a custom color, email us and expect a long lead time.
  4. Backdrag: Yes or No
  5. Connection Type: JDQA, SSQA in all series. Yanmar QA only available in 1500 Series. Global available in 2500 and 3500 Series.
  6. Replaceable edge for main pusher box: steel, rubber, or UHMW. UHMW is cut to length, ready for you to drill out and add your own hardware.
  7. Edge for backdrag: The backdrag does have an integrated steel edge which is usable. Optional replaceable steel, rubber, and UHMW edges.
  8. Skid Runners: Steel runners are included in the base price. Optional UHMW runners to protect your drive.
  9. Assembly: If you select Pre-Assembly all components arrive bolted together with no assembly required by customer. *Always adjust skid shoes for your conditions upon arrival.

*For COMPLETE protection if you are pushing snow on asphalt, concrete, or other delicate surfaces, you will want rubber or UHMW on all contact points including edges and skid runners.

HLA 3500 Snow Pusher – Types of Cutting Edge

UHMW: (sometimes called poly or plastic) is best summed up by saying “it cuts like steel, but protects like rubber.” Great wear properties, cuts well through packed snow, very quiet, protective of paved/concrete surfaces. Lasts nearly as long as steel.

Rubber: Protective of paved/concrete surfaces, very quiet, doesn’t cut packed snow at all, shortest life span.

Steel: Wears very well, cuts packed snow very well, but is hard on paved/concrete surfaces, leaves rust stains, and is loud. Great for gravel, stone, and other unpaved surfaces.

***NOTE: UHMW edges are cut to length, ready for you to drill out and add your own hardware.***

UHMW Installation is easy! This material cuts similar to wood, so the same tools can be used. Use the existing holes on the pusher components as your template. Then, drill out with a multipurpose drill bit matching the hole diameter. For backdrags and main edges, use 1/2″ x 3″ bolts with washers and lock nuts. No backer bars required.


Every tractor utilizing a front-end loader needs counterweight. How much is specified in your tractor or loader manual. But in addition to safety, counterweight will improve your traction significant, something especially critical during the snowy months of the year.

Shop our Ultimate Weight Bundle to get huge savings when you combine counterweight solutions.

Additional information


84", 96", 108", 120", 144"

Cutting Edge

Rubber (no add'l cost), Steel (no add'l cost), UHMW (add'l cost)


None, With Integrated Steel Edge, Yes w/ Replaceable Rubber Edge (add'l cost), Yes w/ Replaceable Steel Edge (add'l cost), Yes w/ Replaceable UHMW Edge (add'l cost)

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