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AirTec Lube Shuttle Grease System

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Innovative greasing solution backed by German engineering! No more mess, no more priming, reuse the tubes, recycle when done, screw on and screw off! No leaking either!

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Smart products hit the pain points. If a product is easier to use, then you’ll use it more often! This means your machine will be better maintained! Traditional grease gun systems are a pain in the rear!  Lube Shuttle revolutionizes the grease gun system.

Features include:

  • Easy swap system as it simply screws in and screws out
  • Quickly change from one type to another
  • No leaking
  • No crushing
  • Reusable several times
  • Recyclable
  • Use 99% of grease
  • Save labor time reloading
  • Vacuum, no spring and plunger with follower plate design
  • No bleeding air gaps
  • 1″ neck provides durable, airtight seal
If you get into a regular routine of greasing, you’ll be more likely to care about checking other items too. Filters, oil levels, air pressures, bolt torque, axle leaks, potential unnoticed damage. Greasing should be an integral part of your maintenance schedule.
MoS2 is the most popular choice for general tractor maintenance.
G200 is geared more towards high speed bearing applications.


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