Heavy Duty Pallet Forks (4,200 Lb) For Compact Tractors by HLA



Pallet forks are one of the most popular tractor attachments because they’re for so much more than lifting pallets. The HLA 4,2000 lb pallet forks have (as you might imagine) a 4,200 lb capacity at a 20″ Load Center and include 4” Class II hook-type, solid tines that can slide and lock in multiple positions. A headache guard on a 50″ wide carriage is standard, but an optional full back guard is optional.

Before you put a load on the front of your tractor, consult your manual to ensure you have enough counterweight on the backside. We’ve got you covered with big savings when you add a counterweight package—$200 savings for one set, $500 for both sets!

If your tractor has less lift capacity, check out the HLA 2,000 lb Standard Duty Pallet Forks. If you have a subcompact tractor and need pallet forks, check out HLA’s Ultra Light Forks. If you want the most versatile Pallet Forks on the market that can be used on your 3-Pt Hitch or Front-End Loader, and come with a 2″ receiver, chain hooks, and weight rack, check out the GWT VersaForks!

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Purchase this item and get 837-2050 Points worth $16.74-$41.00 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.
Purchase this item and get 837-2050 Points worth $16.74-$41.00 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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  • 4” Class II hook type solid fork lift tines
  • 4,200 lbs capacity @ 20″ L.C.
  • Includes headache guard
  • 50″ wide carriage
  • Sliding adjustable
  • Tines can be locked in any position
  • OPTIONAL – Full back guard (Brick Guard)
  • SSQA comes in Black
  • JDQA comes in Green

Buy HLA pallet forks from Good Works Tractors! HLA HD pallet forks, brand new, available in John Deere green or black. Available with John Deere Quick Attach (JDQA), Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA/Kubota), and Global Quick Attach. Custom mounts available for pinned buckets. These pallet forks are great for large compact tractors, utility tractors, and skid loaders!

Bundle Alert!

Add a quick hitch, suitcase weights, or wheel weights for no additional shipping cost!



This Made in USA Cat 1, 3-Point Hitch bracket is made to hold up to 8 suitcase weights, either 41lbs each or 70 lbs each. What sets this bracket apart is the chainsaw carrier slot for up to a 20″ bar, as well as a 2″ receiver, two chain hooks, and quick hitch compatibility, making it something to leave on your tractor whenever you aren’t running an attachment.

This bundle includes 8 black suitcase weights in the size of your choosing, as well as the VersaBracket itself.


  • Compatible with 3 point hitch receiver Category 1 systems
  • 2″ Receiver
  • 2 Chain Hooks
  • Chainsaw carrier slot for up to 20″ Bar
  • Quick Hitch Compatible**
  • Includes eight 41lb or 70lb suitcase weights
    • Eight 41lbs weights totals about 378lbs including the bracket
    • Eight 70lb weights totals about 610lbs including the bracket
  • 1/2″ Flat Bar Stock
  • 3/16″ Tube Steel
  • Both lower pins included, 3/4″ top pin not included.
  • Made in the USA

Top link pin sold separately.

*Consult your owner’s manual to see recommended ballast weight when operating a loader. Along with increased safety, you will gain an increase in traction which can be especially helpful in snow, ice, and mud.

**Matches most 3 point quick hitch systems built to the ASE Standard S278.5



The Hitch Hanger is a bracket that attaches with a simple strap connection to your quick hitch, allowing you to hang three suitcase weights (41or 70 lb) off to the side, while still keeping the connection to your quick hitch and your three-point attachment.


The answer to this is tractor specific, but your manual should indicate the recommended rear ballast or counterweight to balance against your front-end loader. This can be in the form of liquid ballast in you wheels, wheel weights, and the weight of the rear attachment itself. But often this is not enough weight to hit the manufacturer recommended total. Enter the hitch hanger, which provides a solution to gain that additional weight without increasing your footprint.


A 3-Pt Hitch does not product any down-pressure, so if you are running a ground engaging attachment you’re reliant upon the weight of that attachment for all of its digging power. This includes plows, discs, pluggers, aerators, tillers, and box-blades or graders. Some times the attachment will have a shelf for adding weight, but many do not. Using our Hitch Hangers is a great way to gain downward force for that attachment, providing better, faster results.

Priced per pair (1 left, 1 right) w/ 6 suitcase weights of your choosing.


  • Fits Category 1 Speeco E-Hitch and similar Cat 1 square tube hitches
  • Made In The USA using American steel and manpower!
  • Powdercoated black
  • Great for additional ballast weight
  • Free up your quick hitch for an attachment instead of dead weight!
  • Some 3 point attachments need more down pressure, these can help!
  • Simple strap and nylon nut connection is included for secured fastening
  • Always carry weight as low to the ground as possible to lower your center of gravity
  • Patent Pending
  • Includes 6 Suitcase weights of either 41 or 70 lb (up to 420 lb total!)

Watch a video on the Hitch Hanger here.

Additional information

Tine Length

48", 60"

Quick Attach Style


Full Brick Guard

No, Yes

Counterweight Bundle

None, VersaBracket Bundle 41 lb, VersaBracket Bundle 70 lb, Hitch Hanger Bundle 41 lb (Speeco), Hitch Hanger Bundle 41 lb (iMatch), Hitch Hanger Bundle 70 lb (Speeco), Hitch Hanger Bundle 70 lb (iMatch), Hitch Hanger & VersaBracket Bundle 41 lb (Speeco), Hitch Hanger & Versa Bracket Bundle 41 lb (iMatch), Hitch Hanger & Versa Bracket Bundle 70 lb (Speeco), Hitch Hanger & Versa Bracket Bundle 70 lb (iMatch)

Suitcase Weight Color

Black, Green, N/A

Warranty Factory Warranty
Mid PTO Factory Warranty

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