Mini Electric Grapple (ESCG-48) for Subcompact Tractors by Worksaver



This Mini Electric Grapple from Worksaver is special in two ways. First it’s sized and engineered for small subcompact tractors less than 32hp. Second, unlike a traditional grapple that requires a third function, this one is electric! No additional hydraulics required! Instead it is powered by your tractor battery. There is no cheaper way to get the advantages of a grapple than by going electric.

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No auxiliary hydraulics needed.

Simplicity with strength and capacity best describes our Sub-Compact Mini Tine Grapples. Engineered for sub-compact tractors (up to 32-hp) equipped with a loader to handle debris and so much more—the ESCG-48S & ESCG-48JD are changing the way properties owners are cleaning up. This 48-inch wide grapple with either “universal” skid steer hook-up or John Deere Series hook up offers the operator the ability to own a job matched tool to collect debris, firewood, brush or orchard prunings, resulting in time savings and low cost of ownership. Fabricated from 3/8” steel these grapples have the strength with minimum weight to allow the owner to maximize the lift capacity of the loader.

  • 12-volt linear actuator with 8-inch stroke operates the grapple clamp
  • Includes wiring harness for direct connection to the tractors’ battery
  • Pre-wired rocker switch controls the grapples’ linear actuator
  • Upper grapple, lower tines have CNC gripping notches cut into them to help secure material.
  • Single upper grapple is 28.25” wide.
  • Parking stand to assist storage and hook-up.
  • Durable square tubing provides strength to lower tines.
  • 33-inch grapple opening for ease of gathering materials.
  • 1.5” x 8” cylinder for upper clamp is job matched.
  • No hoses or fittings included as every loader and outlet setup varies.

*Hoses and fittings typically are not included. On some occasions, manufacturers will include hoses and fittings, but seldom are the hose lengths and fittings correct. We recommend waiting until you have the grapple mounted to your tractor to determine the correct hose length and fittings needed.


John Deere Quick Attach in Green. Perfect for the John Deere 1023e, 1025r, 1026r, 2025r, 2032r, 3032e, & more!

Skid Steer Quick Attach in Black. Perfect for Kubota BX23s, BX2380, BX2680, BX2670, B2650, B2620, & more!


MADE IN THE USA, super light (240 lbs) for limited capacity loaders, includes thumb control, no additional hydraulics required, and easy installation!

Watch the video showing installation and operation!

Electric Sub-Compact Grapple


Electric Sub-Compact Grapple Rake Specifications
Overall Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Mount Type Skid Steer JD Hook & Pin
Overall Height Closed (in/mm) 41.5 / 1054 41.5 / 1054
Grapple Opening (in/mm) 31 / 787 31 / 787
Upper Grapple Width (in/mm) 28.25 / 718 28.25 / 718
Lower Grapple Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Tine Spacing (in/mm) 9.25 / 235 9.25 / 235
Number of Tine/Grapple (lower/upper) 6 / 3 6 / 3
Type of Linear Actuator 12-volt, IP65 Rated 12-volt, IP65 Rated
Actuator Stroke (in/mm) 8/ 203 8 / 203
Weight (lbs/kg) 247 / 112 240 / 109
Product No. 811880 811885

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Shipping Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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