Heavy Duty 3-Point Post Hole Digger 720 Series by Worksaver



PTO driven Post Hole Diggers are indispensable. If you’ve ever avoided a fencing project because you didn’t want to dig the holes, a 3-Point mounted Post-Hole Digger will show you just how quick and painless the job can be.

Size your auger to your job, or buy multiple augers if your tractor’s 3-Point lift capacity requires you to dig incrementally rather than going for the largest auger from the start.


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Purchase this item and get 1182-1515 Points worth $23.64-$30.30 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Worksaver 720 Series Post Hole Digger Features

  • Heavy Duty Series
  • Horseshoe Yoke offers Cat I & II 3-Point Hitch Compatibility, with 7/8″ Pins
  • Powered by a 540rpm PTO drive
  • Shear-Bolt Protection
  • 42″ Auger length in 6″, 9″, 12″, 14″, 18″, and 24″ diameters
  • Rated for 25–65 horsepower at the PTO
  • Boom Constructed from 2 5/8″ Diameter Tube Steel
  • Equipped with positioning/adjustment handle
  • Weighs 206 lb, less the auger
  • Optional Parking Stand
  • Optional 12″ Auger Extension
  • Optional Down Force Kit adds 350-500 lb of extra down pressure (Not for tractors under 40hp)
  • HDDF – Heavy Duty Double Flight Augers for use when operating in loose flow-able soils such as sand/gravel, designed to help carry soil to the surface of the hole.

*We recommend getting the optional parking stand because Post Hole Diggers are awkward on and off the tractor.


Worksaver 720 Series Post Hole Digger Specs

Model 720
Boom Size (O.D.) 3-1/2”
Yoke Size 3”
Boom Positions 3
Mount Type Cat. I & II (7/8″ Pins)
Gearbox Ratio 3.18:1
Gearbox Output Shaft 2″
Gearbox Bearings Tapered Roller
Gearbox Seals Double lip, spring loader
Drive Type PTO, 540 RPM
Shear Bolt Yes, Grade 2
Gearbox Ltd. Warranty 5-yrs.
Tractor hp 25-65 hp
Optional Down Force Kit Yes, DFK-70 (Not designed for compact tractors under 40 hp.)
Auger Sizes 6” thru 24”
Auger Length 42″
Auger Type HDDF
Auger Point – Bolt-in Fish Tail
12″ Auger Ext. Opt. (170705)
Parking Stand Kit Opt. (102165)
Weight (lbs.) 206
Product Number 706160


Worksaver Auger Chart for 3-Point Post Hole Digger

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6" SF, 6" HDSF, 6" HDDF, 9" SF, 9" HDSF, 9" HDDF, 12" SF, 12" HDSF, 12" HDDF, 14" HDSF, 14" HDDF, 18" HDDF, 24" HDDF

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