Buy 3 Point Dethatcher For Tractor: Tractor 3 Point Dethatcher For Sale

  • Manufacturer: CMP Attachments
  • Model: Tractor 3 Point Dethatcher
  • Type: Dethatcher
  • Price: $350.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: These are available to fit the category 1 three point hitch. Sizes are 50", 60", and 70" with 60" being by far the most popular size per the manufacturer. Ships for $65 within 700 miles. I process orders manually, so feel free to email your shipping info, thanks!


You no longer need to take wide turns to make sure your pull-behind dethatcher tongue clears the tires as this 3-point beauty mounts tight and turns with you!  This ultra rugged 3-point tractor dethatcher rake is the ideal tool for dethatching grass in your yard, pastures, food plots, basically anywhere. It’s not just for grass though, you can use it for grooming horse arenas, leveling driveways, pre-seeding dirt, raking leaves and sticks, or countless other uses. Once you try out this beast, it will stay on your tractor forever, because you will always seem to need it.

Why Dethatch?

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots and other small lawn debris between the top growth of your grass and the roots. Thatch acts like a barrier to your lawn, preventing essential moisture, air, and nutrients from entering your lawn’s root system. Removing this layer (Dethatching) helps your lawn’s root system prosper. If you plan to seed, dethatching is an important step that should not be overlooked before spreading. Seed will often take root in thatch rather than the soil, and will die out quickly due to insufficient access to nutrients and water.


  • Unit also works with the John Deere iMatch quick Hitch.

  • For use with 25-30HP tractors.

  • Available in 50″, 60″, and 70″ width for a Category 1 hitch.

  • Heavy Duty steel construction with tough powder-coat finish ensures long lasting durability.

  • Replaceable spring steel tines.

  • Ideal for grading, leveling, spreading, raking, and of course, dethatching.

  • Even makes for super smooth ball diamonds and parking lots.


Add 6% sales tax and freight to the pricing below.

CMP-3C150 50″ Cat 1 Dethatcher: $350

  • The smallest tractor 3 point dethatcher offered, typically just a hair wider than the width of most subcompact tractors.

CMP-3C160 60″ Cat 1 Dethatcher: $360

  • The most popular size 3 point tractor dethatcher! Typically a little wider than most subcompacts and small compact tractors, but still narrow enough to navigate tighter areas and maintain contact on uneven terrain.

CMP-HD370 70″ Cat 1 Dethatcher: $500

  • This is a heavy duty dethatcher and weighs significantly more than it’s smaller counterparts.  This additional weight will be more aggressive on turf, but this same aggressiveness will also be a benefit on grading horse arenas, driveways, and raking food plots and nature trails.
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