The John Deere 1025r tractor is possibly the most popular compact tractor ever designed. Technically, this is a subcompact tractor, but it falls within the larger category of compact tractors. Small, but mighty is the best way to describe it. With incredible capability, a pile of features, and top-shelf engineering, it’s not hard to make a case for buying it. Still, the John Deere 1025r is a small tractor and has its limitations. While perfect for large suburban properties to small homesteads, you’ll want to match the right tractor attachments to create the best operator experience. Let’s take you through a list of the best John Deere 1025r attachments and as we go along, bear in mind that these attachments will also work with the John Deere 1023e and 1026r.

Starting with the loader, you’re 1025r will come standard with the John Deere Quick Attach, referenced as JDQA from here on out. This adapter system allows you to quickly and easily remove the loader bucket and install pallet forks, grapples, snow pushers, and other attachments in place of the bucket. In the real world, your loader will lift around 700 lbs off the ground and around 500 lbs to 48″ high.  These numbers are dynamic and depend on the loader attachment and the position of the weight. Generally speaking, you’re going to want the lightest, narrowest model offered by the attachment manufacturer. This means attachments that are 48″ to 54″ wide.  The exception is with a snow plow which can be 60″ wide. Target pallet forks (Versaforks), 4n1 buckets, and grapples that weigh less than 300 lbs. Snow pushers can weigh in the ballpark of 400 lbs as these ride along the ground and the extra weight helps push the snow.

Flail mower for John Deere 1025r
This is a flail mower for a John Deere 1025r tractor

Let’s take a minute to discuss hydraulics for your tractor and a way that you can an extra 5% with code GWT. When operating a grapple, you will need a 3rd function on your John Deere 1025r. You can do this in your garage in a few hours and save hundreds of dollars compared to having the dealer install a kit. If you want a hydraulic top and tilt kit on your tractor, then you’ll also need rear remotes. These are also easily installed in a couple of hours at a fraction of the cost of the John Deere dealer. Buy your John Deere 1025r hydraulic kits from Summit Hydraulics and save 5% with code GWT.

For 3-point hitch attachments on the John Deere 1025r, you’ll want to pay attention to a couple of things. Again, width comes into play and you’ll want to stick with 48″ for many attachments, although 60″ is a possibility with a handful. If using a PTO-powered attachment, then this will need to be matched up to effectively operate with the 18HP provided at the rear PTO output. Starting with PTO-powered attachments, stick with 48″ rotary cutters (brush hogs), 48″ tillers (rototillers), and 48″ or 54″ snowblowers. An exception to this rule is that you can use a 60″ flail mower instead of a 48″ rotary cutter. Flail mowers tend to require less HP due to their design and also sit closer to the tractor so the 3-point can easily raise and lower them as needed.

For 3-point attachments that don’t require PTO power, many of these also need to be 48″. Attachments such as a box blade, land plane, and soil pulverizer should all be 48″. Other attachments such as a rear blade, landscape rake, and dethatcher should be 60″. The reason these attachments should be larger is twofold.  First, these attachments don’t put the same kind of load on the tractor as the first set. The John Deere 1025r is a lighter tractor and if you put too large of an attachment on it, then it will simply bog down the engine or lose traction and spin tires. The second reason these attachments are 60″ is that the rear blade and rake can angle making their overall width closer to 50″. A 48″ attachment would be narrower than the tractor when angled and this is quite inconvenient for many operators.

We offer some tractor attachments that don’t really fall into these “normal” recommendations. This includes our Mini Stump Bucket which was specifically designed for the John Deere 1025r. The Speeco Cat 1 eHitch allows you to easily and quickly connect and disconnect 3-point attachments. Our 3-point aerator pluggers in 48″ or 60″ will work very well behind your tractor. A small chipper such as the Wallenstein BX36s will be a great fit to match up with your John Deere 1025r. The Workaver 300 Series Post Hole Digger is a great fit too. Lighter Duty and shorter augers are designed for subcompact tractors.  As you can see, the list of attachments continues to grow and we are only hitting the most popular products right now. Cap it off with an indestructible canopy from Rhinohide.

Stump Bucket for a John Deere 1025r tractor
GWT Stump Wrecker (Stump Bucket) for the John Deere 1025r

Last but not least is ballast weight considerations. All modern tractors are being built lighter and lighter compared to our grandparents’ machines. As manufacturers cut costs, this often means there’s less steel (weight) as well. However, they’re also designing more efficient tractors that can lift more weight with the front-end loader and 3-point hitch. This is a dangerous combination if you’re unaware as tractor rollovers are the leading cause of death in agriculture-related accidents year after year. It’s not a joke and too little is done to raise awareness of these dangers to new tractor owners.

You’ll want to consider combining several forms of ballast weight so that you never experience a close call as a recent survey showed 80% of respondents had been under-ballasted. First, add liquid ballast like Rimguard into your rear tires. After that, add wheel weights. Do these two things without hesistation. These forms of ballast weight are out of the way and lower your center of gravity as well as provide counter-weight for the loader and extra traction for pulling/pushing power. Then, add suitcase weights on the back of your tractor. Put these on the VersaBracket or if you get the Speeco eHitch, then add Hitch Hangers and suitcase weights. The great thing about suitcase weights is that you can utilize these in other areas on your John Deere 1025r and attachments. Throw them in the bucket for front weight, hang them off the sides of your box blade, some even mount them to the front rail of the tractor frame.

There are always exceptions to every rule and there will be some attachments that don’t fully line up with these guidelines. You’ll also hear stories or read posts on forums and Facebook about people using larger attachments successfully.  I’d encourage you reach out to us if you’re unsure about what size tractor attachment you should select. Our owner has used a John Deere 1025r for years and we’ve sold more attachments to John Deere 1025r owners than any other tractor model on the market. We’ll set you up for success by picking the right tractor attachments to fit your needs.  Our prices include shipping and our customer service is second to none.  We’d love to earn your business, so please visit Good Works Tractors to see all the attachments we offer for the John Deere 1025r.

Pick the best John Deere 1025r tractor attachments
John Deere 1025r Tractor Attachment Guide