MK Martin Rear Grader Blade For Sale

  • Manufacturer: MK Martin
  • Model: MKGB467 MKGB567 MKGB667
  • Type: Rear Grader Blade
  • Price: $700.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: Highlights include Made In Canada, multi-position settings, and reversible hardened steel cutting edge!


3/16″ mouldboard steel, push or pull with fully reversible blade, includes parking stand, 48″ weighs 140 lbs, 60″ weighs 149 lbs, 72″ weighs 155 lbs.  Rated for tractors up to 30HP.

Price on MKGB467 is $700.

Price on MKGB567 is $750.

Price on MKGB667 is $800.

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